The products you manufacture need to be packaged. When inventory is shipping out from factory or warehouse to the next step in the supply chain, such as retail or end consumer, product packaging is one of the best solutions ever developed to make sure the right product reaches the right person. With the advances of state-of-the-art automation, you can be assured that your products will be packaged and shipped accurately, every time, in a way that properly represents your brand standards as well as protecting the product from the usual hazards of shipping and handling.



Standard Packaging

Most products shipping out of a warehouse fall into common categories with regards to sizing and handling needs. Our automated fulfillment processes can be tailored to meet whatever demand you may have. Our facilities are equipped to handle everything from packing simple cardboard boxs to palleting bulk orders to hand-crating fragile items. The hands-on approach is a surprise to some customers used to facilities that rely entirely on robotics to fill orders, but we have found that sometimes the most state-of-the-art solution is still careful human oversight.



Kitting / Assembly

Save time and money with automated kitting and assembly. Your products will arrive quickly, accurately, and in the excellent condition that your consumers demand. Our automated assembly and kitting is adaptable for custom packaged products and materials, and can respond quickly to changes. We can also fulfill custom individual orders such as bundling specified accessories with purchased products.