Envision a warehouse filled with your products that are ready to ship in beautiful packaging. You get out of bed in the morning and see an email showing that our databases have pulled your customer information over during the night, and your products are already on trucks for delivery. Not only have you saved thousands of dollars in labor, but your clients will get their orders on time. Welcome to our vision for the future of automated logistics.


The secret to proper storage of products in bulk is in avoidance of chaos. Our teams know that proper communication is paramount to the seamless flow and storage of your delivery items.


It has been said that in failing to test your solution, you have no solution. This is why our engineers test the shipping processes on a regular basis to ensure we can handle spikes in volume.


If innovation is the mother of invention, then packaging is definitely the womb. You can avoid wasteful losses by using our elaborate packaging and design services for added protection.


Our technical specialists have worked with many CRM and e-commerce solutions. We make it easier to setup integration with your existing customers by providing the service at no extra cost.

AF Warehousing

Safety and trust are the cornerstones of any successful storage operation.  Fortunately, we are able to offer both of these benefits with consistency and precision.  Since our business model is focused on low employee turnover and strong background evaluations, you can remain at ease that your products are in good hands.  With our cutting-edge technologies and experienced staff members, our services continue to impress clients and expand on a noteworthy reputation.  Beyond these integral components, we also ensure that all clients are loss-payees for our general liability policies.  This provides a final layer of legal protection that makes even the most discerning clients smile.

AF Shipping

Did you hear about the successful shipping company that had major issues with order accuracy?  Neither did we... One of the strongest solutions and secrets to our success in shipping is data integration.  Since our engineers provide data integration services at no extra cost to clients, we are often getting the most updated customer addresses and information.  Our executives have found this to be a crucial step in any professional delivery implementation.  While other service providers are sometimes happy with lackluster results in their supply chains, we believe in fine-tuning the process on a regular basis.  In other words, great shipping success requires testing and more testing.    

AF Packaging

From the time of childhood, we are taught about the virtues of organization and putting everything in its proper place.  In fact, as adults we also appreciate when a toolkit has exactly the right contours to hold every tool with a snug fit.  This type of organic experience makes people feel intelligent, and therefore, they believe the company that made the products to be sophisticated.  It is a known fact in marketing that part of any product appeal is in ease of use.  And a good portion of that experience comes from packaging that is: simple, stylish, organized, and durable.  If you take away any of these factors from your product containers, the results could be catastrophic.  This is why we enforce strict quality guidelines for packaging.    

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