Kitting / Assembly

Whether your business is sending complex personalized product samples or thousands of customer information kits, you need the confidence of knowing that your products will be delivered accurately and in excellent condition. Complex kitting and assembly services are an essential time-saving component of any businesses supply chain.

From custom package engineering and design to manual or automated assembly you can rely on Vision for all your product assembly needs. Our facilities are equipped to handle complex product assembly needs including shrink wrapping, blister packaging, multi-packing and more. Our state of the art systems ensure efficiency and accuracy as your products are assembled and finalized before shipping out to your customers, and our team of highly trained professionals can easily adapt to help you handle spikes in activity and manage last minute orders.

Vision’s Kitting and Assembly services allow you to:

  • Save Time & Money by quickly and efficiently assembling product kits and finalizing orders before shipment.
  • Respond Quickly to changes in customer demand for custom packaged products and materials.
  • Fulfill Custom Individual Orders such as bundling specified accessories with purchased products.